Pre-Paid Student Account

Pre-paid accounts
Greener Store Student Pre-paid Account 

Already have an account set up? Please call us at (360) 867- 6212 with credit card information, the students name, and their Evergreen ID number. You may also mail a check with the students information.

Do you want a safe, convenient and easy way to purchase books, software and supplies for college? 

The Greener Store Student accounts are perfect for you:

  • easy to set up
  • easy to use
  • easy for you or your parents to add funds
  • refundable if balance is left at end of year

Once funds are on deposit, you can use your account to buy books, supplies, clothing, software (at student discounts) or anything in the Bookstore. 

To make a purchase, simply show your Evergreen I.D. and say you want to use your Greener Store Student Account. 

The cashier will ring the sale, give you your new balance, and provide a detailed receipt. All you have to do is sign the slip showing you have approved the reduction from your account.

Funds established on Student Prepaid Accounts are available for one (1) academic year, defined as the start of fall quarter through the end of summer quarter.  If at the end of the academic year a balance remains, the student must request (in person) a refund on or before the last day of summer quarter.  All balances not refunded will be transferred to the students college account, where any outstanding charges will be paid before funds are distributed back to the student. Please note that refunds take a minimum of 5 five business days and cannot be refunded as cash; a check will be sent to the selected address, made payable to the student.

To set up an account choose one of these options: 

  • Call us at 360-867-5300 and set up the account over the phone, or we can email or fax you the form.

It is helpful if you have the A number of the student you want to add funds for. If you don’t have it we can access that information. 

For more details or answers to questions please call our accounting department at (360) 867-6218. 

Upon receipt, we will create a Greener Store account for the student indicated. Credit cards will be charged the full amount requested at the time the account is set up, establishing a declining balance account. 

Mail or Fax the completed form to:
Greener Store Student Accounts
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia WA 98505
fax (360) 867-6793