Greener Store stocks a full line of supplies for art, class, and office.
Our art supply section is stocked with provisions for every discipline from painting and drawing to sculpture and photography.  Here are a few examples of our hundreds of excellent provisions.

M. Graham & Co.
Makers of  Professional Artists’ Color and Mediums

Devotion to the creation of exceptional color requires an artisan’s approach; no amount of industrialized standardization can approach the level of quality achieved in the hands of an adept craftsman.  Individually made, M. Graham creates colors a few hundred tubes at a time. Days, not hours are spent slowly coaxing its own distinctive nature from each pigment until the richness inherent in each is fully developed. All natural ingredients are added, from walnut oil in the oil paints to blackberry honey in the Gouache, giving these paints a unique and expert quality

Connoisseur Fine Art Products

Connoisseur offers the most affordable, top quality brushes available today. Handcrafted in Oregon by artisans who undergo 7 years of training, these brushes are professional quality, reasonably priced and guaranteed for life.  Talk to artists and you’ll find they agree. Only the best natural hair or synthetic fibers are utilized in the manufacture of this premium line of brushes.

Strathmore Artist Papers Products

As part of our commitment to give you the greener choices you want, we carry Strathmore’s Windpower series.  These papers are manufactured with emissions-free, wind-generated electricity through the purchase of 100% certified renewable energy credits. What’s more, they’re certified through the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions based in San Francisco, CA.